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Laying the groundwork for when you’re gone can be complicated.  Let us help alleviate that stress by creating a comprehensive plan that will not only put your mind at ease, but also help to solidify a future for you and those you care most about.

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Attorney Jeff Rosen has quickly become one of the most sought-after estate planning attorneys in California. Just ask one of the nearly 1,000 families Jeff has worked alongside as counsel on estate planning, trust administration and sophisticated tax planning. Jeff speaks his clients’ language and is a proponent of the “Keep It Simple” adage. Jeff’s relationships with his clients are built around an easy-to-understand explanation of the law, familiar communication style and his desire to truly get to know his clients and their families.

Estate Planning

A foundational estate plan typically consists of a Revocable Living Trust, Will, Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directives. Foundational plans are primarily designed to establish a game plan in the event something happens to you and to designate the person you feel most confident in to carry out your wishes. Whether you become sick, incapacitated, or pass away, the person you trust will not have the authority or insight into your wishes without a proper estate plan. An estate plan also equips you with the power to protect the wealth you’ve worked a lifetime to provide for your loves ones from potential divorce, creditors or predators.

Trust Administration

Trust administration encompasses all the tasks and duties that arise when a trustmaker no longer serves as the manager of their own affairs. How does the successor decision-maker take charge? Do assets need to be re-titled? How is an inheritance distributed? What if bills or creditors need to be addressed? Are any assets exposed to probate court? These questions, and the corresponding tasks, are often difficult to undertake, especially if the trustmaker is a loved one. Trust administration tasks are certainly required upon someone’s death, but frequently these tasks arise before a person dies, for instance if they get sick or become incapacitated. The responsibility of carrying out a loved ones wishes properly can be daunting but extremely rewarding. While many tasks may be obvious, California law imposes several non-obvious responsibilities on a successor Trustee. The non-obvious duties make working with an attorney so valuable.

Property Tax Planning

In February 2021, Proposition 19 overhauled California’s decades-old property tax system. The landscape of whether a parent may transfer his or her Prop 13 taxes to their children has completely transformed and for many Californians property taxes will rise significantly. Nearly all California property owners are or will be impacted by Proposition 19. We are at the forefront of developing planning strategies regarding Prop 19 and we regularly advise California property owners on what they need to know going forward.

About Jeff

A second-generation attorney, Jeff is a UCLA Bruin and graduate of the Pepperdine Caruso School of Law where he earned admittance to Phi Delta Phi for ranking towards the top of his class. Influenced by his favorite tax law professor and his grandfather, a prominent and now-retired attorney, Jeff has dedicated most of his career to the practice areas of tax, estate planning, trust and creditor protection law.

Jeff’s experience ranges from straight-forward incapacity and probate avoidance planning to sophisticated family wealth and business transfer planning. Recently Jeff also emerged as one of California’s most experienced Proposition 19 attorneys, where he developed and oversaw planning designed to preserve Prop 13 property taxes on dozens of California properties. 

In a sense, clients hire Jeff to prepare legal documents. But more importantly, clients work alongside Jeff because of a shared belief that everyone needs a game plan to protect their family and loved ones. If you’re the kind of person who values protecting your family, Jeff guarantees he “speaks your language.” 

Jeff frequently reads up on the latest tax and political developments and one of his greatest pleasures is providing live, ongoing education seminars for existing and prospective clients. While not immersed in the law, you can usually find him hiking with his wife, daughter and two dogs or hitting golf balls 300 yards (in the wrong direction.)

“Your knowledge of trusts was greatly appreciated! Questions were answered, advice given, time allotted, knowledge shown and many examples of problems or errors made by others given to all to contemplate.”

“We truly appreciate your help in figuring out if we need to do something concerning Prop. 19. Your answers were concise and sincere. We were thinking in the right direction as to what you proposed but weren’t sure if we were making a mistake, wise decision or needed to do something.”

“Thank you so much for helping and guiding my husband and I through this lengthy and difficult process of obtaining our Living Trust & Will. Taking your time and patience to explain even the most mundane, perhaps obvious points, helped me with the clarity I needed to make the decisions that were necessary. “

“Thank you so very much for your time, honesty, help and guidance! We really appreciate it!!”

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